Approval Process

Approval Process

All Lot owners who intend to commence development / modifications on a Lot must obtain the necessary written approval from the Architectural Review Committee prior to any work commencing.

All designs must comply fully with this Architectural and Landscape Code. Where relaxation approval is given for a meritorious or innovative design solution, this does not create a precedent nor imply that the approval will be repeated. Architectural or urban design merit based solutions which deviate from this Architectural and Landscape Code will require you to submit a report to the ARC outlining how the design satisfies the intent of the Code.

The approval process is as follows:

  1. Submit documents and plans for your building, renovation or extension that clearly describe the look, layout and materials you intend to use, to make sure that all homes are in keeping with the vision for Elysium Noosa. These should be submitted via email to Sean Cary, who will co-ordinate review by the Architectural Review Committee.
  2. The Architectural Review Committee will review the plans and then provide written approval or notification of changes required within 1 week of receiving the plans.
  3. The Body Corporate has put in place a $1,500 refundable building bond which is held by the Body Corporate and must be paid prior to formal written approval being issued.
  4. You must have full Architectural Review Committee approval for your home or any improvement before lodging any applications to Council or a private certifier for building approvals.

Please note the responsibility in relation to seeking and obtaining the approval of the Noosa Council (or any other statutory authority) for the proposed plans and specifications for a Lot rests solely with the owner/s of the Lot, notwithstanding that such plans and specifications may have been approved by the Architectural Review Committee with respect to this Architectural and Landscape Code.

The approval process detailed in the Architectural and Landscape Code is additional to any State or Council building or planning approval requirements and no approval granted by the Architectural Review Committee may be interpreted as confirming or implying that plans will be approved by or on behalf of any government authority.

Approval Timeframe

The Architectural Review Committee will endeavour to review your application within 5 working days of receipt of the application.

Following the Architectural Review Committee’s review of an application they will, within five (5) days after the review, confirm in writing that the preliminary design is acceptable or advise you on items which require further consideration.